3,77% seit Start Navigator
  • Investment bond: 250.000 EUR
  • Withdrawals: Mostly
  • Opportunity-Risk-Tendency: risikobereit (7,5% bis 12,5% VaR)
  • Investment Type: Bonds , Mutual fund
  • 730 Tage Performance: -1,38 %
  • seit Start Navigator 01.2017: 3,77 %
  • Risiko aktuelles Jahr (VaR): 8,02 %
  • Year to Date Performance: -1,52 %
  • Risk last year (max VaR): 4,12 %
  • 36 Monate Performance: 0,70 %



20 comprehensive bond portfolio managed by the investment committee. Investments are made in all hard currencies, where applicable hedged.


The asset management mutual fund Bachelier UI pursues an opportuniastic approach with the use of derivatives and an equity quota of at least 51%.


The Leonardo Fund is our flagship and sign board at the same time. The asset management fund is based on the investment criteria and specifications of the independent Canadian analysis house BCA-Research. For three decades, they have impressed with a tactical allocation model through stability and an outstanding performance.

Taking into account your instructions, we have provided the following portfolio composition for your return expectations and your personal risk tolerance:

80% Allgrade all CUR 20
10% Bachelier
10% Leonardo

Through the independent work of our investment committees, you always have access to a market-efficient portfolio for each asset class. The best chance-risk composition is provided for your personal asset management according to your individual instructions and a dynamic asset allocation.

The portfolio composition with 80% Allgrade all CUR 20, 10% Bachelier, 10% Leonardo achieved a matrix yield in the asset mix 2019 from: 12,10 with a maximum VaRr value of: 4,12.

The returning 12 monthly yield provides a balanced assessment of previous earnings, taking into account the current market yield opportunities.

Cost transparency is very important to us, so we will provide you with both the cost of 2019 (ex post) with 1,41% and absolute 3.515 €, as well as the expected cost of 2020 (ex ante) with 1% and absolute 2.500 € open.

This is an “all in” fee, including all trading fees. In the spirit of a partnership fee model, we raise a 20% profit share from peak to peak.

In addition, we provide all our customers with a weekly outlook free of charge. Here, all information that is relevant to your portfolio is transparently summarized. Our understanding of an excellent asset management is to remain understandable and up-to-date at all times. You’ll understand what we’re doing. Make use of this non-binding offer!


ex ante costs of asset management

1,41 %

Ex ante costs less included product costs

1,00 %

excluding costs
Yield 2017

11,10 %

More Information

* the absolute risk may be greater under special market conditions.

ex ante costs including foreign fees

3.515 €

ex ante costs - performance reducing

2.500 €

ex ante costs at fund level

1.015 €
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