The Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) UI Fund is an mixed asset management fund with a focus on emerging markets and an equity quota of at least 51%. Distributions are to cover the amount of the tax to be paid by the investor on the generated income.

If you are looking for dynamic growth and you do not want to invest exclusively in equities at the same time, this fund is the right one. The fund management is in permanent direct exchange with interesting companies and gives an impression of the respective market position on the spot, because stock picking is particularly attractive in markets that are often neglected by analysts because of their small market capitalization. Co-manager Axel Krohne, who already manages a closed-end fund with an excellent track record in the US for 15 years, stands with dedication and experience for the selection of titles.

The investment focus is to generate the highest possible value growth. The fund management invests in companies that mainly concentrate their economic activities in these countries. The selection of equity investments follows the value concept in the interests of investor legend Warren Buffett.

When selecting bonds, ICM contributes its know-how. The focus here is on hard currency bonds issued by emerging market issuers. The fund was launched in 2015 and has since always been in the lead in peer group comparison. *

Alexander von Humboldt UI Fonds

ISIN: DE000A1145F8
WKN: A1145F
Currency: EUR
Volume: EUR 31.053.277,92
BVI-Category: Mixed Funds
Inception date: January 16th, 2015