Why should you choose the ICM InvestmentBank AF for your asset management?

The ICM InvestmentBank AG was established in 1999 through a buy-out of the HypoVereinsbank Group and manages over EUR 500 million in client assets.

We consider your personal investment objectives as a top priority while we implement one of the 216 investment strategies for your custody account. This procedure achieves two objectives: firstly, we offer a customized, cutting-edge solution to you as a Customer and secondly, we achieve the fast implementation of any adjustments required by the changing market conditions. This is important for an active risk management and control. In our experience, too much personalization is a hinderness for a prompt responsiveness which may cost money in the end.

Your personal situation is important from the start. In case of any changes, we are able to adjust your portfolio – whether more liquidity is required or re-adapt your investment goals.

Transparency is our top priority. You receive extensive reports with a transparent description of costs, benchmarks and much more.

The quality of our processes is assured. To protect your equity, each decision is documented. We do not manage your custody account ourselves , but we offer you competent credit institutions which distinguish themselves for our business.


Successes on the financial markets are primarily based on the access to the correct information for making the right decision. Only with know-how, systematic and long-year experience, the opportunities of tomorrow can be recognized and evaluated today. Our team of about 50 employees are globally networked to the best investment banks and utilize and evaluate their research material in order to manage portfolios with which we are entrusted on a broad and systematic information base.

With this approach the ICM InvestmentBank AG has even in stormy periods been able to gain the trust of numerous Customers and to preserve the bank in the long term. Our success is based on engagement, reliability, responsibility-awareness, transparency and innovativeness – values which we stand for also today.


We are a team of over 50 employees with the most different skills.


Not only our Customers are happy with us. Here a list of our recent acomplishements:

  • German Fund Award 2017:
    Our Leonardo UI mixed asset fund was evaluated as “Excellent” by the “Institut für Vermögensaufbau” (German Institute for Asses Accumulation).

  • WiWo best asset manager 2017:
    Excellent in the segment: The best performing asset manager over 5 years

  • Fund Award 2015:
    Award of the monthly magazin €uro for the mixed asset fund of ICM „Leonardo UI“.


Since more than 15 years the ICM InvestmentBank AG has been successfully active. In this period , we have built up a network of strong, reliable partners, with whom we share and reinforce our maxim of professionalism, safety and efficiency – but who we also trust.